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  • Festive Alternatives

    the festive season is all about celebration, family and rest but it doesn't have to mean that you pick up 10kg in the process. Being merry, drinking a bit more, eating more ice-cream is what the holiday season is all about, we won’t take that away from you. However, you can enjoy all these things with healthier, less fattening options.
  • Staying in shape over the festive season!

    If you are still reading then we would like to say first of all, good for you. Staying in shape on a regular day is hard as it is, but trying to stay in shape during the holidays when you are surrounded by ice-cream and Simba chippies, seems like your worst nightmare but it doesn’t have to be that way. Which brings us to our second point - It’s not as difficult as it seems.
  • New years resolution: Getting in shape for 2021

    We are a bit torn on this one. If you have ever had this as a new years resolution you will probably agree with me when I say it is not easy to achieve however, we have also seen many success stories born out of a new years resolution. So why don’t we state both arguments? and leave you to decide on which side you are. 
  • Working out after 50

      If you are over 50 years old, you will agree with us when we say your body isn’t what it used to be. Your body just won’t respond to workouts as...
  • The ultimate guide to gym etiquette

    Not many gyms tell you that there are just some unspoken “rules” that you need to abide by to make the experience for yourself, and those around you as comfortable as possible.
  • Do you need to gain weight?

    You are probably wondering why on earth would anybody want to actually gain weight, is that not the opposite of what we want to achieve? Well for some, no. It is way more common than you think and the reasons are simple. 
  • Understanding crossfit vs conventional gym

    Unless you live under a rock, you have probably heard about the biggest fitness trend that took South Africa by storm. Yep, we are talking about C...
  • The benefits of yoga!

    Yoga is not for everybody though. We have found that yoga is a lot more popular in western countries than it is here, however, many people say that once you start doing yoga you probably won’t stop ever.
  • Look like your favorite celebrity!

    When we think of actors and actresses there are a few that immediately come to mind. We have done some research on your favorite ones and their exercise routines.
  • How can I get rid of cellulite?

    Cellulite has also been around for thousands of years. Did you know that although your modern-day woman may hate her orange-peel aesthetic, It’s been depicted in famous paintings and sculptures celebrating the female form? And even though it has been around forever, we have yet to find a quick and permanent fix for cellulite. Like with most things in life, unfortunately, there are no shortcuts. 
  • Mistakes first time gym members make!

    Yes, going to the gym is not necessarily rocket science, but we have truly seen our fair share of common mistakes people have made in the past to know that there are things we can be cautious of.
  • Why you need a personal trainer

    Most people don’t like to just go to the gym without a plan or program to follow since it is awkward walking around not knowing which section t go to next. For this reason many people especially beginners turn to a personal trainer to help them. While it can be a pricey expense it can definitely be worth it.