Common workout mistakes that beginners make

Common workout mistakes

What are the common workout mistakes that beginners make? Are you exercising regularly but not getting the results you expected? This is the biggest concern for beginners today. If you are planning on giving up your workout routine, then STOP RIGHT NOW! We have gathered the most common workout mistakes while exercising and cannot wait to share these with you so you can get back on track. Unfortunately, your dream body cannot be achieved by watching two or three videos online and as always it is not going to be simple, BUT we implore you- it will be worth it. Gaining the perfect body for you starts with motivation and determination. Are you ready to transform yourself by avoiding common mistakes? Carry on reading to learn about the fitness mistakes that beginners make.

What are the common workout mistakes that beginners make?

“The hard days make you stronger. So, try the right techniques to make you even stronger.”

It is an old proverb that "if it were easy, then everyone would do it." In fitness it is best to speak to an experienced person before you do anything, it is important to understand that you can get seriously injured if you don't train correctly or you could find yourself in a position where you won't see any results. The workout circle consists of the following things; 

  • Plan 
  • Organize 
  • Act 
  • Achieve 

But all of these things work best if you know how to plan correctly. Common mistakes are made right from walking into the gym to taking showers after a workout.

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Insufficient Planning 

Planning is the key to success, this rings equally as true in a fitness routine. Often beginners do not plan before entering the gym which causes anxiety and results in a mediocre session. Startup trainers think that a strict routine from the start will instantly help them achieve fitness goals, but this is often demotivating, and the client ends up failing before they have even begun. Above all, beginners need to understand that the body takes time to respond and your results will be a direct impact of not only the fitness routine but eating habits as well. 

We cannot expect positive results without having a plan. Always remember to think critically about the goals that you want to gain from your workout routine. Aim to plan a workout that is solely focused on your desired goals.  

Do not forget the warm-up

It is a common mistake to skip the warm-up and go straight to your workout session. But a warm-up is vital not only to boost the nervous system but also to prevent injuries. Apart from this, you can avoid skipped heartbeats and premature fatigues by doing a warm-up session. You want to achieve a light sweat during your warm-up, according to Michele Olson:

“Warm-up of the body includes light exercises like brisk walking, pressing arms overhead, and back-arm circle.”

Beginners do not seek professional help

It is one of the biggest and common workout mistakes that beginners make. A professional trainer is the person who knows all the highs and lows of the workout. Do not forget to seek professional advice to determine the rights and wrongs. A qualified trainer will help you understand the difference between exercises, machines, and intensity.

Attempting to achieve too much at an early stage

I know that there is excitement to start something new, mostly when its fitness related. But beginners need to understand that they should take things slow for perfect results. If you overdo the workout, then there are chances of injuries and burnout. The ideal routine is to go two or four times a week for cardio and 2-3 times for weightlifting. According to the expert, increase the intensity and duration slowly and tackle only one aspect simultaneously.

People only cardio and avoid weights 

It is an open secret that cardio exercises keep the heart healthy and burn calories instantly. But it does not mean that you should neglect the importance of weights. Lifting weights or resistance training plays an equally beneficial role. According to Olson;

"We could lose the muscles, and there are more risks of falls and slow metabolism."

Younger aspiring athletes benefit from a lot of cardio and light weightlifting because their muscles are still developing but as you get older weightlifting becomes more important to the overall health of your body. This does not mean you need to become the next Arnold Schwarzenegger- 2 to 3 times a week is perfect for development and maintenance.

Some other common workout mistakes

There are many more common workout mistakes that beginners need to be conscious of when training, here are a few to keep at the back of your mind;

  • Setting unachievable goals 
  • Relying too much on the supplements 
  • Lifting too much weight 
  • People rely on jogging and ignore other friendly options like cycling, elliptical, aerobics, machine exercise, etc.


The best approach is to always listen to your body and be mindful of this article when working towards your dream body. So, before you get started go find the perfect shoes, a fabulous new outfit to make you feel pumped in starting this journey and hit the gym with proper techniques and planning.


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