How to Curb anxiety once and for all!

what is anxiety

Currently, an estimated one in six people in South Africa suffers from anxiety. And if you are one of them, we can help. We are no experts in mental health, however, we know that exercising can have a great impact on the effects of anxiety.

What is anxiety?

Anxiety is very normal and it is found in almost all people at some stage whether you feel anxious for a job interview, moving to a new place, getting married, or preparing for a big test. This type of anxiety is a very unpleasant feeling, however, it can sometimes motivate us to work harder and have a good outcome. Ordinary anxiety comes and goes and typically does not interfere with your day-to-day life. So if you feel anxious now and then right before a big decision/project/event/occurrence in your life, then you do not suffer from anxiety disorder and you are just a normal adult going through normal adult things. 

In the case of anxiety disorder, the feeling of fear and anxiety may be with you constantly. This feeling is often extremely intense and debilitating. People who suffer from anxiety disorder stops enjoying great moments in life and live in constant fear and fear. Anxiety may even get so intense that some people don't want to enter an elevator, leave their homes or completely try to avoid social interactions. Failing to treat this type of anxiety often causes it to get worse and worse.

Anxiety disorder is the most common type of disorder and can affect anyone at any age. Especially now, when we are amid a global pandemic, we will see more and more people start to suffer from anxiety. 

If you are suffering from anxiety, we suggest investing in this E-book that will help you control the symptoms of anxiety. This brings us to our next point.

How to identify anxiety

What are the symptoms of anxiety?

If you have feelings of anxiety disorder, just know that it can feel different depending on the person. If you suffer from anxiety, you may experience everything in a different way than what others with anxiety do. Feelings range from butterflies in your stomach, feeling a pit or knot in your stomach to a racing heart. Some also feel like they are out of control or like there is a disconnect between body and mind.

Other more serious symptoms include nightmares, panic attacks and involuntarily recalling memories that have caused hurt. You may also experience feelings of fear, worry, and stress or you may even fear a specific person, place, or event.

Symptoms of general anxiety include the following:

  • Racing heart or increased heart-rate
  • Rapid breathing
  • Restlessness
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Insomnia

How to beat anxiety with exercise!

How can Fitness Fables help?

Like we said before, we are no experts in mental health issues, but we do know that it is a real serious problem among our fellow South Africans and we know that with the right exercise and motivation, you can curb anxiety. 

Exercise can improve mental health by aiding the brain in handling stress. In one study, researchers found that those who got frequent vigorous exercise were 25 percent less likely to develop anxiety disorder over the next five years. With the right medication, some meditation, and enough exercise, you will definitely start seeing major improvements in feelings of anxiety. 

Exercising can help fight anxiety in the following ways:

  • Engaging in exercise diverts your mind from the things that make you feel anxious.
  • Staying physically active decreases muscle tension which lowers the body’s contribution to anxiety.
  • Getting your heart rate up changes brain chemistry, increasing the availability of serotonin, gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA), brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF), and endocannabinoids all of which are important anti-anxiety neurochemicals.
  • Exercise activates frontal regions of the brain that are responsible for executive function. This helps control the amygdala, our reacting system to real or imagined threats to our survival.
  • Exercising regularly builds up resources that improve resilience against fluctuating emotions.

So visit Fitness Fables to curb anxiety. Talk to your trainer at Fitness Fables if you would like to start working out to curb your anxiety. While we would love to support you in every way we can, we don't have the right knowledge when it comes to the right medication and therapy. But we can get your blood pumping, your serotonin levels sky high, and put a smile on your face.

If you feel like your anxiety has become worse, but don't know who to talk to, don't hesitate to phone the toll-free hotline 0800708090

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