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Fitness Competitions for the Ladies

This one is for the ladies. If you are considering entering a fitness competition, then good for you! We see more and more females become interested in the BBSA/IFBB competitions and it surely is great to see. If you don't know anything about these competitions but are really interested then you are reading the right blog. 

What is BBSA/IFBB?

Bodybuilding South Africa (IFBB SA) is an affiliated member of IFBB International, which has IFBB affiliated National Federations from 194 countries. They are a member of the Sport Accord and the International World Games Association. It is recognized by the Olympic Council of Asia and over 90 National Olympic Committees. They are also a member of the World Anti-Doping Agency, which has recognized the IFBB as the only authority in bodybuilding, whose anti-doping program is in full compliance with the WADA Code.

Bodybuilding South Africa is also the official member of SASCOC (South African Sports Confederation and Olympic Council) and an official member of SRSA (Department Sport and Recreation South Africa).

How do I compete?

So if you are considering entering a fitness competition, there are a few important things to and remember first.

Find your training motivation

Join Fitness Fables

If you would like to compete in an upcoming competition, then you are in luck. At Fitness Fables we will help you with your journey. Our facilities are equipped with all the right machinery and equipment to get you on your way. While body-building demands a very specific set of routines and workout plans. We suggest talking to one of our trainers if you are considering entering a fitness competition in the future. Remember that conditioning outperforms mass. The best way to make it look like you've gained 5kg of muscle is to lose 5kg fat. The more conditioned you are, the more muscular you will see. You can appear more muscular than someone who is up to 6kg heavier than you. This journey will require a full body transformation, and you will love every step of it!

Get the right diet

Make sure you take a long time to prepare your diet. Diets that are 12 weeks or less are typically more calorically severe. This means that they will require you to be in a much bigger caloric deficit for a long time which will cause you to lose more muscle. 

When you take about 25 weeks to prepare for a contest, you will have plenty of time to get lean without being in a great deficit. Individuals who take their time dieting can be ready for that stage even weeks in advance. This will help you to fill out and actually gain back some muscle fullness before the show. Rush dieting causes you to run the risk of losing a lot of your hard-earned muscle and you can end up looking stringy and flat on show day. 

Strike a pose

On the day of the competition, your pose is EVERYTHING. You can have the best body on that stage, but if you don't know how to pose you won't go very far. Posing is a way to display your strengths and hide your weak spots. We suggest posing every day for about 10 minutes once you start training for your competition. To exude confidence you will need to practice every pose and hold each pose for up to one minute. If your muscles shake while in a pose, it means you're not ready. 

Learn to out-pose your competition. Arnold Schwarzenegger was famous for outposing the competition. He would pay attention to his rivals. For example, when competing in the 1975 Mr. Olympia against Franco Columbo, Arnold would alternate poses to counter time Columbo's attempts to outshine him.  When Columbo would hit an ab shot (he knew Arnold's abs were not as sharp as his), Arnold would quickly transition from a front pose to a back double bicep pose to hide his weak points. 

HITT us up

Kick your cardio to the curb and get yourself into some HITT workouts. Cardio is counterproductive since it does not promote muscle building in any way. At Fitness Fables we love to focus on HITT workouts

HIIT burns more calories for a longer period than normal low-intensity cardio. HITT will burn fat and build muscle which is exactly what we want to see. 

Let's compare two different types of cardio athletes. Take long-distance runners and compare them to short-distance sprinters. Which one of these athletes appears more muscular? Definitely the short-distance sprinter! The sprinter will have a bigger more muscular physique while the long-distance runner has a lean, flat appearance. The goal for your bodybuilding competition is to appear as muscular as you possibly can, so it makes sense to utilise HITT workouts to improve your metabolic capacity. 

Get that bikini girl

One of the best parts of these competitions are that you get to wear a sexy, shiny, tiny bikini that will make you stand out even more. Make sure you source the best place to make you a custom bikini that will set you apart from the rest. If you haven't seen some photos of these types of competitions then it is probably worth mentioning that you need to get yourself a great tan along with that shiny pink number. We have heard many females say "Tanned fat looks better than pale fat" it is true for muscles as well. The tanner you are the better your muscles will appear.

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