How to burn more calories on your walk!

can you walk too much


The last thing you want to do under this African sun is to go for a jog around the block, right? We don't blame you. This time of the year is often way too hot to do any outdoor exercise between 08:00 and 18:00. The solution to this is to go for a walk. Enjoying a chilled walk with your partner or even the whole family is a great form of exercise and it is even enjoyable. 

Why should I take outdoor walks?

Aside from the fact that you are moving as opposed to lounging on the couch, is already a great reason, however, there are many other benefits of outdoor walking. Walking outdoors can help improve your mood, it can make you think more creatively and improve overall creativity, it can make you look younger over time, it lowers the risk of diabetes and heart disease and it can even lower your risk of getting lung cancer. 

Can you walk “too much”?

While most people view walking as a leisure activity rather than a sport it is in fact a physical activity that gets your heart rate going, strengthens your muscles, and improves endurance. As humans, we are made to walk. Walking is a natural thing we do from around the age of one, so it would make sense that there is no such thing as walking "too much". On the contrary, if you consider walking to be a sport and you use it as a form of exercise, then the saying "too much of a good thing, is a bad thing" applies. Off course you can overdo it. If you aren't used to walking fast paces or long-distances you may experience things like sore and stiff muscles and even joint pains. When this happens, make sure that you take it easy. Start slow and gradually start picking up the pace or make the distances longer. 

Walking is both a physical and recreational activity and from all of the ways you can stay fit, this one may just be one of the safest ways with the least amount of injuries. So take that stroll, enjoy the outdoors and be sure to pace yourself. 

How can I burn more calories when I walk?

There are many ways you can make an adjustment so that you can get the most out of your walk. Here are a few:

1.Take the high road

And by the high road, we mean hills. Look for hiking trails that have peaks and troughs to get your glutes working. Walking at a steep incline will inevitably increase your heart-rate rapidly which will burn more calories. Walking on higher elevation requires a lot more strength in your legs and glutes and walking downhill also forces you to make use of your joints as a traction method which will make them stronger. 

2. Speed up

By increasing the pace at which you walk, you will quickly burn more calories. Try to walk the same distance every day but try to pick up the pace a little bit each time. A brisk pace does not only burn more calories, it also improves longevity. 

3. Do some intervals

Interval training is not only highly effective in running, but can also be applied to walking. Adding short spurts of faster exercise to a regular-paced walk will burn more calories and keep you more engaged as you need to pay attention to when to speed up or slow down. Try to speed walk to the next streetlamp and walk slowly again or you can even bump some workout tunes in your ears and speed up and slow down accordingly.

4. Add some weights

By adding weights to your walk, you allow your body to work much harder to get from point A to point B, almost making it a full-body workout. You will find that at first, it will seem like a daunting task to carry about 2kgs extra, but soon you will get used to the extra weight and you will see yourself getting more toned and fitter than ever.

5. Use your arms

Swinging your arms from side to side next to your body is not just an American depiction of a young housewife gossipping with her girlfriends while speed-walking. This method of speedwalking has been used for ages due to the fact that this movement impacts the whole body. Adding these movements to your walk will burn more calories and ensure a more optimised walking experience.

They say that sitting is the new smoking, and with the fast-paced lifestyle we are all currently trying to maintain, the odds are great that you too, have an office job where you sit on an office chair for long hours. Walking is easy, it is both a leisure activity as well as a workout and can be done anywhere. So wherever you will be finding yourself this festive season into the new year, make sure that you find 30 minutes in your day where you can just walk.

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