Level up your Push-ups: Techniques, Benefits, Variations

Level up your push up game!

If done in proper form, a push-up can give your whole upper body a great workout. Push-ups are great for the triceps, pectoral muscles, shoulders, abdomen, and lower back. No wonder they always tell soldiers in an army to "drop and give me 20" it tones your upper-body like nothing else. 

The great thing about a push-up is that it is easy to do, anyone can do it and you can do a push-up from virtually anywhere in the world. You don’t need any equipment to do a push-up and it is a great strength-training exercise that you can add to any workout. 

Since this year many people are focussing on getting back their body they had before lockdown and being the fittest they have been in a long time. Many of our visitors at Fitness Fables have a set of goals that they would like to achieve within a certain time frame which we are helping them with. Many of these goals involve getting more toned and losing weight and very few (if any at all) are to improve or perfect a certain skill or to take it to another advanced level. 

This is why we wanted to create one for you - Level up the push-up. As great as they are, push-ups can become a boring exercise if you only know one way to do them. 

Here are a few alternatives to the conventional push-up and a few ways to really level up your push-up. 

Stagger push-ups 

Get into the start of a push-up position where your back is straight, your hands are flat on the yoga mat, your toes touch the ground and your legs are extended. Before bending your arms into the push-up position, move one hand to your side, place your palm downward and resume into a normal push-up. Come back up, bring your hand back to the starting position and do the same on the other side. View this form of a push-up here.

Kneeling push-ups 

Most people know this push-up as a “ladies push-up” and often assumes that this form of a push-up is specifically intended for ladies when the reality is actually that it has it works the same muscles as toe push-ups do, it just lessens the load making it easier for you to do many at a time. To start, get into a normal push-up position. Next, place your knees on the ground and one foot over the other. Then process to do a push-up. To view a demonstration of this push-up, click here.

Spiderman push-ups 

It sounds pretty intense, and that is because it is. Spiderman push-up does not only work your arm muscles but really works your core as well. Assume a normal push-up position. Then as you go down to do the push-up, bring one knee to your elbow and place it back when coming back up again. Repeat at least 12 times on each side. 

View a perfect spiderman exercise here.

Mountain climbers and push-up combo

Another great way to level up your push-up is to combine it with mountain climbers. Assume a push-up position, do 10 mountain climbers followed by one push-up. Do one push-up for every 10 quick mountain climbers and repeat until you have done about 20 push-ups. This way, you will ensure that you optimise your push-up workouts greatly. 

Go commando

Combine normal push-ups with commandos for an intense arm-workout. Get into a push-up position. Place one forearm flat on the ground and then the other. Push one arm back into the original position, followed by the other arm. Repeat 10 times and then do one push-up. For every 10 commandos, do one normal push-up. This exercise will give you an intense arm workout where you will feel the burn. 

Before you focus too much on losing weight or toning up, why not make things a little more interesting and try to master one particular form of exercise? Level-up your push-up and keep things fun while also giving yourself some amazing arm and core exercises. If you are unsure of any of these exercises, you are welcome to ask any of us at Fitness Fables to demonstrate them to you.

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