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If you are too, a massive movie-lover, then you would have probably found yourself drooling over some actors/actresses’ physiques. From Chris Pratt to J-Lo, seeing their abs on a big screen in HD is nothing short of inspiring. Celebrities often need to get in shape for a role they need to portray and that usually goes along with intense and vigorous exercises. At Fitness Fables, we don’t typically have a reputation of “taking it easy”. So if your goal is to look like your favorite celebrity, rest knowing that we will help you get there.

When we think of actors and actresses there are a few that immediately come to mind. We have done some research on your favorite ones and their exercise routines.

For the guys

Zac Efron 

It is only fitting that we start with Zac Efron since his ripped body is probably permanently imprinted in your memory from his recent role in Baywatch. Getting in shape as he did, had to be a hard task. Zac Efron’s trainer said that he reached 5% body fat after a mere 12 weeks of training. Efron’s workouts were split into a 3-day workout each week. The first day, they focused on back and biceps, on day two they only did legs and on the third day they did shoulders, chest, and arms. 

With his workouts, the key to success was what we call super setting. Which means doing two exercises back-to-back with no rest in between. This saves time and doubles up as cardio which burns more fat and calories and even drives more nutrition filled blood into the muscles. So if you are looking to get a torso and pecks like Efron, consider trying our ultimate upper body exercise.


Liam Hemsworth

This Hunger Games actor got into great shape in a surprising way. Hemsworth made a shocking statement about his workout routine that got him that rock-hard body in just a few months. He admitted to never using weights. Pretty shocking, right? Instead of pumping the iron, Hemsworth explained that he mostly focused on really high-intensity bodyweight workouts like burpees, pullups, pushups and dips. This also goes to show that you don’t need all the equipment in the world to look like a star of an action movie. 

You might think that a repetition of these four basic forms of bodyweight training can become boring. But that is not the case at all if you just vary the structure of the workouts or put your own unique spin on each. You can set goals for yourself on reps like 100 burpees or even to challenge yourself to do burpees for 3-minutes straight. Whatever twist you put on your workout, we guarantee that it will do the trick. If you need a bit more guidance in bodyweight training, click here.

Mark Wahlberg

If we think of Mark Wahlberg, two things usually come to mind. 1 - Movies with a cop theme set in Boston and 2 - Arms, arms and more arms. While Dwayne Johnson is famous for his shoulders, Zac Efron is famous for his six-pack, there is no doubt that Mark Whalberg rightfully owns the title as the frontrunner in arms. Wahlberg switches up his training often, but basic and old-school arm workouts are some of his defaults when he wants to add size to his biceps fast.

He admits that his favourite arm-workout is done with dumbbells, similar to the routine in this video. While this workout can be intense for most of us, it is still very basic and easy to do at the gym. 

Wahlberg pyramids his weights which means that he starts heavy for about 10 reps per exercise and then increases the weight and reduces the reps on subsequent sets. This form of arm workouts hits a wide spectrum of muscle fibres. Please note that this workout is considered to be a high-volume routine, so if you haven’t been exercising your biceps as much before, you need to make sure you start slowly.

For the ladies

Jessica Biel

Jessica Biel is considered to be one of the fittest Hollywood actresses ever. And by looking at her insane physique, you can tell that that is not genes, that is pure blood, sweat and diet. Jessica Biel’s exercise routine mostly consists of walking and jumping lunges, sprints, jogging and yoga. Often times her trainer would add a HIIT training routine under 30-Minutes. 


For Biel, her workouts are focused on being super intense instead of being super long. For her, it is all about burning the most fat in the least time to keep things interesting. Biel’s trainer says that the key to looking like Jessica Biel is to avoid focussing on problem-areas, instead, your goal should be to keep yourself thin and toned overall. 

Halle Berry

If you are a Halle Berry fan, you would probably recall the time she shocked Oprah by confessing her workout routine. Oprah wasn’t shocked by the intensity but rather, the simplicity of Berry’s workout routine. While busy filming, Halle Berry says that she often has only 25-minutes to workout. She would squeeze her workouts in that time but to it at least 4 times a week. In these 25 minutes, she would to five minutes of each of the following: warm-up, quick cardio, core exercises, lower-body strength training and then upper-body strength training. She also admits to indulging in a little bit of kickboxing if there is any time left. 

Halle Berry’s workout routine helps us to see that you don’t need hours in the gym and that a 25-minute workout is all you need to be a Bond-girl in an orange bikini. Even at an age of 54, Berry has been doing this routine since she can remember and has managed to get herself strong enough to sustain this form of working out. 

Jennifer Aniston

Since her debut on the hit sitcom, Friends, Jennifer Aniston had the body every girl dreamed of even now at an age of 51, she still has a rocking body. Aniston admits to being a devotee of yoga for a very long time. She says she enjoys combining her yoga with a toning exercise. Off course, she does not look the way she does by having an unhealthy diet. Aniston also admits to doing intermittent fasting every now and focussing mainly on a high-fat diet (The good ones, obvs). Replacing your card-loaded diet with healthy fats like fatty fish (salmon/tuna), avocados, seeds and nuts can really help you to keep the weight off, read all about healthy fat in our blog about Getting rid of belly fat. 

So there you have it. With the help of Fitness Fables, you too can look like your idol. We are equipped with the facilities, knowledge and passion to help you achieve your goals even if your goals are to look like a Hollywood star.  

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