Mistakes first time gym members make!

Mistakes new gym members make

While we get the whole workout-from-home hype born in lockdown, we still believe that hitting the gym and seeing others around you workout just motivates us more. When we workout along with other gym members and trainers, we would often be inspired to train even harder. And although there is nothing quite like the sense of community we feel when working out in the gym, you’d be surprised at how many mistakes beginner-gym-goers make.

Yes, going to the gym is not necessarily rocket science, but we have truly seen our fair share of common mistakes people have made in the past to know that there are things we can be cautious of.

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What’s the plan, Stan?

Yep, a very common one, almost too common. Failing to plan ahead can result in a boring and de-motived workout session. If you have a certain goal in mind, then planning your workout ahead will help you achieve your goals quicker. When you go to the gym without a plan the reality is that you will probably end up doing only the exercises you like doing. This also goes for your diet or nutrition plan. The biggest mistake you can make is not having a plan in place. 

Get your stretch on

Another very common one is failing to stretch. Whether you plan on doing cardio or you are going to do an intense strength-training session, failing to stretch will cause two things: 1. You won't be able to perform optimally. For your body to use your muscles optimally, you need to warm them up before touching anything. 2. It can cause injury. If your muscles aren't warm enough, you will likely injure your muscles. Nothing is quite as disheartening as an injury just as you started living a healthier and fitter life. Read all about stretching here.

Rumbling Stomach?

Going to the gym for a workout session with your personal trainer, you need adequate energy to fuel your workout. Some make the mistake of thinking that if they don't eat enough, they will lose weight quicker. But this is a misperception as this can actually result in less weight loss. Having the right energy in your body will help you burn even more fat since your body is using your energy optimally towards your muscles. Never go to the gym on an empty stomach. We think it is important to note that a completely full stomach is also not the way to go as it may leave you feeling bloated and lazy.

Not using free weights

Most gyms have more than enough free weights and dumbbells for you to use and there is a big reason for that. Using barbells and dumbbells can be extremely beneficial for your training session. Sticking to the same old treadmill walk forever will not develop your muscles more. These types of equipment will help you to lose more weight, one up quickly and even reduce inflammation. Resistance training is a great way of exercising, read all bout it here.  

Failing to drink water

If there is one thing in life we know for sure, is that we need food and water to survive. And if there is one thing in fitness we know to be true it is that we need food and water to perform optimally. If you are feeling thirsty during your workout, then you need to stop what you are doing immediately and go drink about 300ml water since that means that you are already dehydrated. Failing to drink sufficient water is not only a mistake in fitness but this is a mistake in our everyday lives as well.


We love a good do-it-yourself project, however in fitness doing it yourself is not always a great idea. We have found that most of our clients have seen some workout on Instagram that they bring to the gym and want to imitate. While this is a good idea if you are looking for something specific or want to do a certain workout exactly right like seeking the right way to long-arm crunches. However, this is not the route to follow when you are a first-timer. The main reason for this is that you might not know what the correct exercises are to reach your goals realistically. In this case, we recommend talking to one of our personal trainers at Fitness Fables who will be able to guide your workout and equip you with the correct routines to hit your goals optimally.


We all do it, from the moment we open up our social media channels we tend to compare our lives to those of others. Comparison to others will only leave you vainer or more bitter with your current situation since not all people are at the same point in their lives. We differ from one another by our circumstances, our dreams, our careers and our relationships just to name a few,  so comparing yourself to those around you seems like a mad thing to do. The same goes for fitness. We differ from one another by our goals, our levels of fitness, our body shape and our gender just to name a few, so comparing yourself to others in the gym is not ideal and can shift your focus from yourself to those around you. Stop comparing yourself to the person next to you, instead, look at them as inspiration. 

To all you first-timers out there, we commend you for taking the step towards a better, healthier and fitter future with Fitness Fables. Starting something new is never easy and can take us out of our comfort zones pretty quickly. All we want you to know is that you are in the right place.

Visit Fitness Fables today where everyone is welcome.

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