New years resolution: Getting in shape for 2021

Why wait for the new year

The chances are very very good that the person reading this blog right now has at some point in their life stated that their new year’s resolution is to get into shape. At with the year coming to an end, we are betting we will probably hear it again, especially after gaining some weight during the lockdown. 

We are a bit torn on this one. If you have ever had this as a new years resolution you will probably agree with me when I say it is not easy to achieve however, we have also seen many success stories born out of a new years resolution. So why don’t we state both arguments? and leave you to decide on which side you are. 

Yes to fitness resolutions

New years resolutions are a great way to start your year. You have probably seen the cliche quote on Pinterest saying “a goal without a plan is just a wish” and we completely agree. Making fitness goals a new years resolution with a plan of action in place is a great idea. It will keep you accountable and motivated. 

We also know that for some odd reason people tend to start their fitness journey “on Monday” or sometimes even “next month”. The sense of entering into a new phase/month/week gives one the feeling of starting a new page and motivates some people to “start fresh”. In this case, we say “Whatever floats your boat”. If starting on a new week/month/year is what helps you to get motivated, then do it.

Another reason we are pro-fitness new years resolutions is that when we declare this thing publicly to our family members, friends or even our social media circles, we open ourselves up to criticism, ridicule and sarcastic wisecracks from our siblings if we fail to achieve this new years resolution. And faking it is also not an option. You can easily lie about your money-saving resolution but getting in shape is unfortunately not something you can typically hide or keep to yourself if you fail. 

Fitness new years resolutions can be tough, but with the right discipline and motivation you can really start the new year off with a bang, or rather a bang-in body. 

NO to fitness resolutions

While we believe that at any point in time where you decide to get yourself into better shape, that you are in the right place. There is no wrong time for self-improvement and we need to do it as often as possible. However, with fitness new years resolutions things can become a bit tricky. 

For starters, it is not easy. Trying to achieve your best fitness level in a long time is not an easy task especially after a long December holiday. Eating ice-creams on the beach and drinking a beer around the braai every night during the holiday season can knock back your physical fitness levels quite a bit. People then tend to forget that they have slowly gotten themselves to an extremely unfit state, then they try to hit the gym in the first week of January only to find that they are not performing the way they had pictured and dreamt about in their minds. As a result, people often tend to “give up” since it wasn’t what they had expected it to be.

A second reason would be the timing. You want to realistically achieve your fitness goals in the roughest month of the year which can be a bit impossible. Kids are going back to school, you need to get back to work and everything is “resetting” for the new year making it a very busy time of the year. Juggling your whole life and trying to make time to exercise can leave you feeling extremely drained and can often lead to burnout. We don’t want that do we? 

Lastly, since it is every other person’s new years resolution to hit the gym more often, you often end up having to deal with jam-packed gyms. Everyone knows that when the year starts, the gyms are super full, which can make your gym experience a bit stressful. Eventually you will then see other people getting “over it” and losing motivation which in-turn also demotivates you to go again. Crowded gyms can help you stay motivated by seeing everyone around you sweating profusely as they are working their way towards a healthier body, however, overcrowded gyms can be demotivating due to a lack of equipment or available machines. 

Our conclusion? - Why wait for the new year?

As we already mentioned, we are torn about new years resolutions so our solution is simple. Why wait for the new year? We believe that now is a good time to start as any to get yourself into the best shape of your life. New years resolutions are excellent for when you want to start saving more money, learn to play an instrument or even to start cooking, however, physical fitness is not something to focus on only when you have some time. Being healthy and staying fit is crucial for your overall wellbeing and should be something you are just “considering”. Throughout the year, our Fitness Fables trainers are ready and eager to help you turn a new page in your fitness journey. We believe that it is never too late or too early to start focusing on your health and it starts with physical exercise and the right diet.

We have said it before but we want to repeat it again, you won’t achieve much if you don’t set goals for yourself. Setting goals and working with a plan is the only feasible way for you to get anywhere. Our commit to be fit, 55-day challenge is the best place to get you started! With a variety of exciting exercises, guaranteed to get you into excellent shape in 2 months. 

Click here to join the 55 day challenge


Why wait for the new year? Start somewhere, start today and beat the “I’ll start tomorrow” culture.

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