• 5 Common foods that promotes weight loss in 2021!

    There are many things you can still enjoy while on your weight-loss journey that is beneficial for your physical fitness. Let us look at some of the most common foods that people tend to believe to be fattening or bad for your health.
  • Are you in a toxic relationship with food?

    Let’s get real for a moment. Being in a toxic relationship with food is a lot more common than you might think. In modern times we live in, self-worth and self-esteem have become major players in the game of what we call “being successful”. People, especially women, associate outer beauty with success and status and it has caused many women to become resentful, bitter, self-conscious and downright obsessive over what they eat.
  • Everything you need to know about meal prepping!

    The term meal prepping is pretty self-explanatory. It literally refers to the process in which you prepare your meals ahead of time. Meal prepping is more than just a current trend, it is a great way of helping you stick to your diet, save some time and engage in some mindful eating habits.
  • Are you thinking about going vegan? What you need to know!

    Veganism started as a popular dietary preference in western and eastern cultures but has since made its way to South Africa. With a country like ours, you will almost find it difficult to find a vegan around every corner since we love our meats and dairy, but there are more vegans among us than you think.
  • Getting rid of belly fat

    Even when you type “Getting rid of..” in your Google search bar, the first prediction would very likely be - belly fat. This just goes to show that you are not alone and that many people around the world struggle to lose weight around their waist and keep it off in the long run. 
  • Should I really count calories?

    If you are not typically that into reading, then let us save you some time by answering the question in the blog title with a simple - “YES!” Calo...
  • Ultimate weight loss guide

    At the end of the day your weight loss journey is in your hands, by following your diet, showing up for your workout and the most important aspect of any fitness journey is consistency!