5 Common foods that promotes weight loss in 2021!

Weight-loss tips

At Fitness Fables, we truly believe in balance. A balanced diet accompanied by proportionate physical exercise and rest allows you to maintain a well-balanced lifestyle. While we are pro-weight loss especially if you know that you are overweight, we have seen some individuals who take things a bit too far. 

If your diet is so strict that you can’t join your best friend for a coffee date, since there is cream on the cappuccino, then you have taken it too far. If your physical exercise is so vigorous that it causes you to walk around the next day looking like your whole body is in a cast, then you have taken it too far. With that being said, it is important to have a balance when it comes to your diet. Being on a diet does not mean eating lettuce for lunch and ice-cubes for dinner. There are many things you can still enjoy while on your weight-loss journey that is beneficial for your physical fitness. Let us look at some of the most common foods that people tend to believe to be fattening or bad for your health.

Full cream milk

When you think of weight-loss, dairy is not typically the food group that comes to mind. A recent study done by the American Journal of Nutrition found that women who consumed more high-fat whole milk dairy products had a lower risk of being overweight. Essential fatty acids are stripped during the skimming process of milk is the component that helps you feel fuller for longer. If you consume dairy products that are generally higher in fat, you will find that you stay fuller for longer. Studies have also concluded that when you reduce the amount of fat in your diet, you tend to replace it with sugars and carbohydrates since your body craves more energy. So go and have a coffee date with your girlfriends, and never ever decline extra cream.

Nutt butter

Enjoying that teaspoon on peanut butter is not so guilty after all. Peanut butter consists of protein as well as fibre which also helps you to stay fuller for longer. Studies have shown that there is not much of a difference between individuals who consumed a normal diet versus those individuals who enjoyed a nut butter enhanced diet. A recent study by the Harvard School of Public Health has found that regular nut-consumption was associated with a lower risk in weight-gain and obesity in women. We suggest adding nut butter on wholewheat crackers as a snack if you feel like you are craving some sugar. So pack your lunchbox with your tuna salad, but don't hesitate to add a nice spoonful of healthy, sugar-free nut butter. 


Scrambled, omelette, sunny-side up, fried, boiled or poached, this versatile food is a great way to lose some weight. Eggs are rich in high protein, healthy fat and essential vitamins. Eggs are also low in calories making it a great choice of snack or meal. With only 70 calories per egg, you can enjoy the whole thing. Egg yolks are a source of dietary cholesterol, but contrary to popular belief, it does not have the effect of blood and cholesterol than we once thought it had. Eggs can even help aid weight-loss if you enjoy it moderately. Eggs are affordable, versatile and super easy to prepare. So substitute your chicken mayo toasted sandwich with an egg on rye bread for the best weight-loss results. 


When you hear some of our clients wanting to lose some weight, they would typically start by cutting out alcohol, especially alcohol like Brady and Coke or Beer. While we support this dietary "cut", studies have found that red wine can be beneficial for weight-loss. These studies have shown that the polyphenols in red wine may even help to prevent obesity by aiding your metabolism. So if you enjoy some red wine, be sure to try and limit the amount you consume since too much of a good thing is a bad thing. The viscosity in wine indicates the sugar content. So to determine whether the wine has lots of sugar or not, whirl your red wine inside your wine glass, then notice the "tears" of the wine as they run down. If these tears move very slowly, it means that it is high in sugar. If the wine tears run down quickly it means that it contains less sugar. This will help you to be more mindful in the future when choosing your wine. So don't hesitate to have that glass of red with friends. 


Some people can't function without coffee and if you are one of them, then luckily you won't even have to. Your daily cup of coffee can do more than just snap you out of sleepy zombie-mode. It can also stimulate the brain and your nervous system and in addition, it contains antioxidants that may even help you to improve glucose metabolism which can suppress your appetite and lower your risk of diabetes, Thermogenesis is your body's ability to burn more fat that is stored which improves your performance and endurance in cardio exercises. Studies have shown that coffee improves the process of thermogenesis. The benefits of coffee may be minimal, but the overall health benefits it holds is enough reason to enjoy that cup of joe in the morning before work - guilt-free. Remember that while coffee can be beneficial, three sugars and creamer may not be so great for weight loss. Try to get used to enjoying rich, black coffee and you will see the benefits much sooner. 

At Fitness Fables we have helped many people on their weight-loss journey from the right exercises to the best diet to achieve their goals. With that being said, we have also experienced a lot of frustration and irritation from many of these people. Like we mentioned before, if your diet consumes and controls your social life, your thoughts and your mood then your know you have taken it too far. Don't restrict yourself too much, don't be too hard on yourself and always try to maintain a balanced lifestyle. Remember - you control the food you eat, your relationship with food and how you feel about what you eat, not the other way around. Don't let food control you, don't let your diet control your mood and don't get carried away by your dietary lifestyle. 

Consult one of our trainers if you feel like you need to adopt a healthier relationship with food, or you need to adjust your diet to suit your goals. 

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