The Pro's and Cons's of the juice diet!

The juice Dash

Juice diets are a very popular dash diet for weight-loss. It has become an extremely popular "quick-fix" due to its ability to help you lose weight in a shorter time-frame than other fad diets. Juicing holds many benefits that give you a meal alternative that is often loaded with vitamins and minerals that your body needs. Some even do the juice diet because they believe it helps detox the body, improves skin complexion and it improves your overall mood. 

We have said it 100 times and we will say it again - At Fitness Fables we believe in balance above all else, and a juice diet holds some benefits but is certainly not a sustainable way of losing weight. There is much controversy around a juice diet and why it is not something you should try. Normally, we would try to maintain a diplomatic and unbiased opinion when it comes to certain types of diet, but for this one, we are inclined to say we are not fans. 

But for now, we will play the devil's advocate and look at the benefits first before we go into the side-effects.

Benefits of a juice diet

Weight loss

The biggest benefit of a juice diet is definitely the fact that you can lose a lot of weight. Some people believe that juice diets offer the quickest weight loss solution out there. When replacing large plates of food with only juice, the chances are good that you will lose some weight over-time. 


Although our bodies detoxify by themselves, juicing may accelerate the process. While juice itself does not do any detoxing itself, it aids those organs that are responsible for detoxing. Detoxing is essential for flushing waste and toxins in the body. 

Improves digestion

Juice contains enzymes that aid our bodies' digestive system. When you drink citrus juices with loads of Vitamin C you will reap the benefits of great oral health and iron absorption. Vitamin A also aids digestion by keeping the gastrointestinal tract healthy. Ginger and Tumeric are also ingredients that are excellent for the health of good bacteria in the gut, which is why people suffering from a leaky gut can really benefit from a juice diet.

The cons of a juice diet

Weight gain

The first benefit of juice diets also has the potential to be the first side-effect as well. People tend to forget one crucial factor of juice diets that are not beneficial - Excess sugar. Juice diets are often loaded with fruits that contain a lot of sugar. This may result in weight gain since you are consuming way more energy than you would have eaten normally. This brings us to the second factor - excess calories. It is extremely difficult to determine exactly how many calories you are drinking in one glass of juices fruit and veggies. If you don't do it correctly or follow a legitimate recipe, you might gain back what you lost very quickly. 

It’s not sustainable

This is probably our greatest concern when we hear any of our clients want to go on a juice diet. Of all the fad or dash diets, this one is by far the least sustainable one. Replacing meals with juice only, will probably only last a few weeks. Soon you will find yourself feeling deprived and frustrated. There is way too little evidence that indicates that juice diets are a sensible approach. Evidence also shows that while you can lose some weight in the short-term, these calorie restrictions slow the metabolism over time and you will end up having a slower metabolism after juicing. 

Not sufficient nutrients

Although juices are filled with many vitamins your body needs, you also need sufficient protein, carbs, and "good fat" to function at an optimal level especially if you are exercising. Advocates for the juice diet claim that by removing the fiber of fruits and veggies, you make the vitamins easier to absorb. This, however, is not supported by any scientific evidence. Balance is key and if you do not make sure that you have a little bit of everything on your plate, you might experience a nutrient deficiency. 

The bottom-line

We at Fitness Fables, strongly advise against a juice diet. Sure if you feel like you need to "detox" for a few days, you are welcome to take a whack at it, however, the best sustainable weight-loss solution is a balanced diet accompanied by enough hours in the gym and the right guidance from a personal trainer. Talk to us at Fitness Fables about your weight-loss goals and we will provide you with a sustainable solution and the right workout plan. 

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